Diseño de Apps

App Design

Activa Designs App Design Costa Rica & United States. Regardless what you need your business, we can look for an app development to achieve your expectations.
We realize any type of design such as mobile app, websites in Costa Rica as well in United States
Any Kind of App Design you require, we can produce it! To complement our variety of services & make easier to achive your objectives to your business.

Mantenimiento y Reparación de Equipos de Computo y Redes

Preventive Maintenance Of Computer Equipment

We Offer repair computer equipment such as laptops, PC & networks, Our Staff will contact you to make a home service, our experience will provide you a solution to satisfied your needs & make sure that your computer equipment works correctly.

When we talk about how works a computer in a proper way, we're refering a set of actions to keeping it working properly, avoiding error messages. 

Sistemas en seguridad de Equipos y Redes

Cybersecurity & Back up Information


We have over 20 years of researching of new technologies such as cybersecurity, which allow us provide the safest solutions to protect the information of our clients from cyber attacks, Phishing. That's the reason the corporations take actions in this topic worldwide to keep your information safe.