Social Media Administration

Promotion and Marketing of your social profile. Can your social profile be found in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Costa Rica and the rest of the world?
With Activa Designs Costa Rica and the United States of America, if you can...
We offer the design and elaboration of your profile on Facebook, Twitter, among others.
Preparation of campaigns and promotion for positioning of the profile as well as of the website immediately according to the bet of the Search Advertising chosen for its promotion, the monthly budget assigned by the client can be distributed in the amount of Advertising, by country, time and term . This marketing service will allow you to increase the chances of making your business and profile known by finding new Clients, Maximizing your sales.
In the current internet market, it tells us that it is no longer enough to simply have a social profile, because if it is not well positioned by commercial campaigns, people will never visit it. At Activa Designs we help our clients to position themselves, so that their web profile is found by their future clients and target market.
Our SEO experts will provide you with the advice and development of positioning and marketing campaigns that you and your company need, we develop promotion and presence campaigns of all kinds, Positioning Advertising, no matter the industry, the competition that your company has, or the way in which you want to promote yourself, Activa Designs always finds a way to give you and your company the position you deserve, thus achieving an increase in visits, customers and sales.
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