Corporate image design in Costa Rica and the United States of America, image consultants and web presence

Corporate Image for your company or business
Enterprise image desing. The corporate image or brand image is the sign of identity, the signature of your company or business, its main façade, that idea that remains in the mind of the consumer, acting as one of the main elements of sale, its cover letter.
In such a competitive market, the corporate image is a definitive element of differentiation and positioning, hence its great importance.
Entrust the creation of your corporate image to our team of professionals and you will ensure that when your potential and current clients require your products or services, they associate them with your image, rather than that of your competition.
The corporate image of your company or business must be homogeneous in all its components, your image must be unified, no matter what the means by which your client or prospect contacts you, that first impression must always be impressive, your website, business cards, folders or folders, letterhead among others, regardless of which of these elements were used, these must become important communication, marketing and sales instruments, hence their importance.
At Activa Designs we offer you exactly this, unification of your corporate image:
After a detailed study of what your company or business is, what it does and how it does it, in comparison with others in the sector, we will highlight those elements that define it, that make your company unique in its sector, creating a unique, modern and dynamic.
Among others, we design
Websites, business cards, folders or folders, invoices and receipts, envelopes, letterhead, brochures, posters, signs, promotional items, vehicle wraps, etc. and for your greater convenience we also offer you the graphic printing service to guarantee that your forms not only have the best design but also the best printing